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kareila's doing a good job of apartment hunting to find us something more convenient to MIT. Went to look at one this morning, very convenient to Porter Sq.

Talked to Dean Henderson, who was friendly enough and reassured me that I'd started the reapplication process "in a timely fashion". He said I'd definitely need to get a medical clearance from the head of mental health, and I'd be able to make appointments with MIT medical even though I'm not a current student or anything. He also said the deadlines are flexible, but in terms of being able to kick my own butt I kinda wish he hadn't. And of course, after I mentioned that I'd been in a graduate program, he sent me to Anne Hunter to make sure it was ok with her to take me back as an undergrad.

Made appointments with medical types. Next week, Wednesday 10am, Thursday 9am. The receptionist was a little confused by my records having been archived or something after 5 years of idleness.

Ate lunch outside by the food trucks, yumm, Goosebeary's.

Wandered around in the still-being-built Stata Center a little. I really like what I've seen of it so far, but haven't actually tried to sit down and work there...

Saw Anne Hunter, who is looking good, much less stressed this year for some reason. She looked over my records and said basically I'd need to take three classes and P.E. for the bachelor's. Wow. I had thought there were other annoying requirements that would require more classes, but she says some of the grad work I did could be recognized as meeting those requirements. She thinks I need a new advisor (not the thesis advisor who died, but regular academic advisor), but we didn't get so far as to actually pick one.

She did mention that they'd dedicated a new conference room to Prof. Haus a couple weeks ago, down the hall in RLE, so I went by there on my way out. That is one heck of a nice conference room. His picture and a plaque on the wall, a view of the trees through a window wall in the front, and a kitchen / bar at the back. Very spiffy-looking RLE brochures in a fancy rack, nice A/V equipment, etc. Particularly peaceful with nobody there.
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