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Chaotic outage plan

Last night I went to the trouble to figure out approximately what else needs to be done to finish upgrading (aka mux), and how long it should probably take. Here's what I came up with:

2m update header_checks
2m temporarily disable user startups
5m set to boot as mux (make sure all needed etc.mux files)
2m shutdown
2m take disk + ram to machine room
3m loosen mux in rack
2m shutdown
15sMudNet: save config
15sMudNet: shutdown
1mrestart mysqld to counter fd leakage
2mdump mysql dbs
30sstop mysqld
5mChaoticMUX: @backup
1mChaoticMUX: @shutdown
5mdisassemble machine, blow out dust
5mswap disks, add ram
5mreassemble and power up
1mtake old disk to workroom
30s put old disk in G
3m power up G
1m go back to office
3mcopy recent ChaoticMUX files
10mrestore from most recent @backup
5mcopy recent MudNet files
2mstart mudnet
5mcopy recent Webster files
1mstart webot
15mcopy mailman lists/archives and make sure they work
20mcopy mysql dumps & reload them
30mcopy webpages and debug
5mcopy kareila cvs repository
15mcopy recent kareila files
10mcopy recent rmg files
5mcopy crontabs (kareila, rmg, chaotic)
30mcopy old logfiles (not overwriting)
1mre-enable user startups
5mexamine postfix queue on old disk
??do something vague about iss-grads autoreply which was majordomo-based

H is a temporary identity for the new mux boot disk; I've been working on it for a couple weeks and have it mostly set up. At this point it just needs some last-minute data copied over from the old mux disk. G is a handy machine with extra drive bays where I can leave the old mux disk connected for a while as a non-boot disk.

The schedule from @backup to the end of Startmush adds up to 42 minutes, whee.
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