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fish tape?

I woke up this morning planning to get up in the attic and string cat5 cable around the house (Alex brought home a big spool of the stuff and some jacks, but he's too large to get into the attic) but he says no, we need to get a "fish tape" before trying to pull cables down thru the walls. I'm a little impatient -- just seeing the cable and jacks lying around makes me want to pick them up and wire the damn house. Theoretically we just need one long patch cable strung down the hall from office to sunroom (the office phone jack is too noisy for DSL), but Alex has to go and overengineer. Today, like many other days, my mood is one of frustrated unproductivity. I'd already put on my "attic style" ripped jeans.

So I vegged out and watched the Patriots game instead. Yay, the local team I don't care about is going to the superbowl. That just makes me so... apathetically hooked. Now I'll have to waste brain cells watching the superbowl just to see what happens.

Maybe I'll go drill holes in the floor later and run cable downstairs. That at least doesn't require fishing it through walls.
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