September 15th, 2004


spanish rice overkill

So, I find that when one's wife is pregnant and one does all the cooking, one tends to want to overfeed, overnurture, overeat, or something to compensate. Here's what happened when I set out to make a little spanish rice and realized it was going to get out of hand if I kept on adding stuff that sounded good (but I did it anyway):

Collapse )

So anyway, on a night when I need to do homework, those leftovers are looking pretty good. I am officially back in school, getting all the bureaucratic requirements and deadlines met without too much trouble. I had one really bad day when I had to make the actual decision of whether to agree to pay tuition without yet knowing whether I'd be allowed to do what I wanted to do. But other than that, things are looking so good my advisor asked if I wanted to recommend any lottery numbers.

What I've ended up taking:
6.170 -- Software Engineering Lab
24.200 -- Ancient Philosophy
6.199 -- Advanced Undergraduate Project

I'm going to be able to use the AUP proposal to meet the phase two writing requirement, provided it's one heck of a proposal and doesn't need a ton of revision (been there, done that, see application essay). I have yet to deal with P.E., which is on my list for tomorrow. And I have Fridays completely free for work.

Anyway, enough LJ for a while.